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Music Distribution

Digital music distribution that brings your sound to the world.
Release your music to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Instagram, Tik Tok, and over 200 platforms worldwide.

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Unlimited Music Distribution

We offer music distribution to all the major platforms.
Our team doesn’t just know how to release music on Spotify or how to release music on Apple Music, they have years of experience releasing it in a way that will get you the most traction, the biggest audience, and the most royalties. Through all of this, we will never try to interfere with the music you create. You will always have the right to your music. We’re just here to amplify your sound and let you build your career as yourself.

Professional Efficiency

We review releases, making sure everything’s perfect and ready for distribution in less than three days. Our processes are designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring our artists spend their time creating, not fine-tuning distribution techniques or lengthy contracts. We offer 24/7 support regarding any issues with our platform or questions whatsoever.

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Tailored Data

Our music distribution platform offers artists constantly updated analytics of how their music is performing on streaming services. We offer insights about streams and downloads to help you understand and shape your musical journey.

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